How To Get Out Of Your Head During Sex

Published August 12, 2022 tag category
How To Get Out Of Your Head During Sex

Male Chastity – How to Get Your Wife to Lock You

Male Chastity and orgasm denial are a very common fantasy for men, but there is a problem: you can’t really do them on your own. Well, you can, but that’s not what gets men going. Because, the thrill of it is in the man feeling like he has no choice in the matter and it’s his wife or girlfriend doing it “to” him rather than “with” him. In this article we see an easy three-step process to get your wife to give you what you want.

Male Chastity – Debunking the Three Most Dangerous Myths

Male chastity and orgasm denial can definitely be beneficial for a marriage. Of that there is no doubt.But for any man or woman coming onto the Internet for the first time with the intention of learning more about it from a safe, sane and rational point of view, the outlook is pretty grim. Why? Because most of what you will find is fiction. Some of it is accurately labelled as such, and there’s no harm or foul there. But much of it is presented as fact, even though it is plainly ridiculous and, to many, extremely off-putting. This is especially true for women who have perhaps been asked by their husbands to consider male chastity as a legitimate lifestyle and so are looking online to find information sources to help them understand their husband’s desires. So in this article I finally debunk what I’ve found to be the three most common myths and misconceptions about male chastity.

Orgasm Denial – How to Enforce It Upon Your Man

How do you “enforce” orgasm denial on a man? Well, the simple answer is “you can’t”. It has to be voluntary and he has to be a willing participant. Even locking him away in a chastity belt or other device is unlikely to stop him from achieving orgasm in some way if he’s really determined. But there are some measures you can take to make his orgasming less likely, especially as it’s obvious some times are more “dangerous” than others. In this article we look at the worst danger points and how to deal with them.

A 24/7 Chastity Slave – Why Your Husband Craves To Be One

Many men crave to be a 24/7 chastity slave to their wives. But, with society and men’s upbringing being what they are, it’s often a very difficult desire for a man to express even to himself, let alone articulate it to his wife. In this short article you;ll see why men truly want this, and why it’s good for you to give him exactly what he wants.

Orgasm Denial – Simple Tips for Success

Orgasm denial, for a woman giving the gift of this exquisite lifestyle to her man, is an easy thing to promise… but something that’s not so easy to deliver. In this short article you’ll discover some simple tips for making it easier for both of you.

Can the Kama Sutra Really Improve Your Sex Life?

The Kama Sutra has been used for over 2000 years, but does it really work? Tips for men who want to put the excitement back in their sex life and increase sexual pleasure for themselves and their partner.

Male Masturbation Concerns – What Men Should Know About Penis Rash and Soreness

Penis skin conditions are a common complaint; many men seek medical attention from a urologist every year for penis rash and soreness, irritation, and discomfort during or after masturbation or sex. While treating the area with a specially formulated health creme containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals can help to prevent drying and irritation and clear up minor skin conditions, it is also important to understand how these occur in the first place and why proper penis care is critical to sexual health. Some common symptoms and their causes are described here, along with suggestions on avoiding certain penis skin problems…